AACF Missions Coordinator

Do you have a heart for Missions and have the gift of administration? We are currently looking for a motivated individual to lead the AACF Missions program to reach people all over the world. If interested, please contact us!

Job Position

Missions Coordinator

Job Description

The Missions Coordinator is one who follows and lives out Matthew 28:18, to help AACFers be directed to engage their community and world through mission and outreach activities.  Mission and outreach activities include expression of embodying Jesus hearts and hands in service projects, supporting existing Christian ministries, equipping, empowering and assisting students and staff in the work of Christ, locally and globally.


1. Able to represent AACF students to an understanding of JEMS missions opportunities as well as to build/maintain mission opportunities with other sending agencies

2. Will work to help ensure Missions/Outreach is aligned with the AACF calendar year and anticipating summer missions programming

3. Will gather mission/outreach ideas from the LT/Director meetings and awareness of student needs on campus

4. Will consult with appropriate staff and agencies to solicit additional ideas for work opportunities appropriate to student and campus minister teams as well as train and prepare teams for their service locally and globally.

5. Will research details and will produce summaries of mission/outreach projects by LTC of each year.  This person will also will have produced detailed implementation steps and timelines for each project

6. Will, organize, equip and empower AACFers to work with organizational administration areas (support-raising, fundraising, legal/policy/insurance members) to be approved for their missions projects

7. Will attend regular and special meetings within the leadership structure of AACF and JEMS

8. Will attend and participate in missions/outreach conferences such as Passion for the Nations, Urbana, etc.


1. Creative and innovative but also has excellent planning, organizing and following-through skills

2. A good listener but also a good oral and written communicator

3. High motivation skills, and able to work equally well independently, as well as within a group/team

4. Knows how to “manage change”

5. Leads others by inspiration, influence and persuasion

6. Takes pride in delivering personal work on time, to specification and within budget constraints for missions teams

7. Is able to be strategic as a systems-oriented thinker

8. Knows how to align personal and group efforts with AACF’s “Mission and Vision,” as well as with the work with other related groups for kingdom purposes living out the Chicago Agreement

9. Is proficient in the standard office capabilities (letter writing, Office computer software)

Preferred Qualifications

1. Good skills in building teams and managing them

2. Ability to raise support for themselves and those they oversee for missions programming

3. Aware of good personal budgeting skills for on-field service training and leadership

Job Type

Preferred for part-time (20), full-time. Volunteers encouraged to inquire.