Campus Minister/Regional Director

Have you ever thought about caring for campus ministers and giving direction to what God wants AACF to look like in a specific region?   Do you have a desire to express your pastoral skills to shepherd and encourage God’s people as they reach and encourage ministry on the local campuses?   Look no further than this opportunity to serve as an AACF regional director.

Job Position Campus Minister/Regional Director
Job Description Oversees and nurtures the spiritual and leadership development of a region of campuses by pastoring and empowering students and campus ministers in accordance with the mission and vision of  AACF.  As our campus ministers are involved in evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, teaching and training of students, they need the leadership of a Regional Director to gather and empower them to tackle new goals and challenges.  Is responsible to meet regularly with Campus Ministry staff team and assist in providing training, mutual support and direction.
Responsibilities Regional directors are campus ministesr who:

Visit Large Group Meetings (3 average hours)

Oversee the Regional Leadership Team (campus ministers, resources and regional activities coordinators).

Disciple/mentor the campus ministry team as needed

Be available to students for general meetings, leadership development, ministry hang time as recommended by local campus ministers

Meet with staff team regularly (at minimum once a month) to fulfill regular reporting

Meet with Leadership Team/Director Team (at minimum once a month)

Encouraged to speak at large group meetings at regional campuses and manage the preps involved

AACF Campus/AACF administration (organizational finances, reporting)

PR with other ministries as needed

Attends and participates in regularly scheduled events including core breakfasts, Leadership Training Conference (LTC)

Personal care – Securing a personal prayer support team, practicing sabbath, etc.

Affirm and encourage compliance to AACF/JEMS policies and procedures

  1.  Has received and can show completion of a Bachelor’s degree from a college  or university
  2.  Demonstrates and articulates a calling to serve God in AACF and JEMS
  3.  Annually affirms and commits to AACF’s mission, vision, policies and practices
  4.  Strong relationship building and interpersonal skills
  5.  Excellent oral and written communication skills
Preferred Qualifications
  1.  Good supervisory skills.
  2.  Involvement as a student leader in a campus  ministry organization as well as a campus minister (min. 4-5 years)
  3.  Teachable and willing to receive ongoing training and  direction in fulfilling  their role
  4.  Demonstrates excellent problem-solving and project management skillls
  5.  Ability to be a team member
  6.  Ability to network and build relationships with students, other campus ministers/workers, campus faculty, and value kingdom connections
Available Preference Paid (part-time 20 or 30 ), or Full-time (40)