Finance and Administration

God has given gifts of many types, and one of them is that of administration. Help make AACF into a good steward of the income it raises!

Job Position Finance/Administration
Job Description The Finance/Administration Coordinator will further the ministry of AACF via managing and updating the financial administration.  Includes overseeing budgets and day-to-day oversight of organizational and  campus finances.
Responsibilities 1. Coordinating the financial oversight of AACF to fulfill and comply with standards to provide for the  organization’s financial needs (ECFA, etc.)2. Responsible for working with the campus finance teams to train, equip and model good financial integrity.

3. Collaborates with AACF ministries and leadership to provide oversight and execution of all AACF finances.

4. Collaborates with AACF office to provide budgets and training materials for use (e.g. support-raising, staff recruitment)

Short term objectives 1.  Update day-to-day operations of electronic processing of campus finances.2.  Work with office to update salary structure.

3.  Have finance teams in place by September 30, 2015.

4.  CCLI and worship team coordination.

5.  Support position of  Office Administrator

Qualifications 1.  Has a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ2. A committed member of good standing in a local church.

3.  A working understanding and the ability to articulate the Mission and Vision of AACF.

4.  General knowledge and skills appropriate to finances and accounting via office, technological and administrative functions, such as a thorough understanding of English; ability to draft and compose correspondence; ability to compile, write and present appropriate reports; and ability to operate standard office equipment i.e., adding machines, etc.)

5. Working knowledge and skill with technology, computers, e-mail, websites, etc and accounting software.

6. Ability to understand the non-profit accounting issues and aware of organizational support via ECFA, tax-law, etc.

6. Ability to work effectively on a team and foster community amidst task.

Preferred Qualifications 1. Willingness to be trained to use accounting software and assess current.2. An understanding of on-line banking,

3. Hold a MA in accounting or an appropriate years of experience.

Job Type Full Time/Possible part-time