Legal and Policy Coordinator

Got a knack for legalese? We need you.

Job Position Legal and Policy
Job Description This position will also provide support and clarify matters of legal and policy.
Responsibilities 1. Caring for issues related to legal matters and able to present and anticipate issues related to legal and policy to LT/Director

2. Receive and respond to calls relating to legal, risk management and/or organizational policies

3. Manage and perform skills related to legal/policy matters including typing, photocopying, faxing/scanning, compiling data, preparing correspondence

4. Collects and maintains timely reporting and filing of student ministry insurance needs (reviewing contracts for student events/locations, certificates of insurance, medical/participation waivers for campus events primarily for potential legal, insurance, indemnification problems)

5. Training and performance in disseminating information relating to Board Support, W-9’s, Tax ID information, annual reporting to government agencies, requests for “gift-in-kind” donation acknowledgments, record retention, taxes for sales of student merchandise, and any other corporate legal matters.

6. Able to multi-task well, work with and without appropriate supervision

7. Work closely with Director / LT

8. Willing to receive and train new campus ministry staff assigned to their region

Short-term objectives 1.  Confirm and update AACF policy manuals and Campus Ministry Staff Manual

2.  Working with Human Resources Coordinator to confirm this information

Qualifications 1.  Committed personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a committed member of good standing in a local church;

2.  Understand and be able to articulate the Mission and Vision of AACF;

3.  General knowledge and skills appropriate to via office, technological and administrative functions, such as thorough understanding of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling; ability to draft and compose correspondence; ability to compile, write and present appropriate reports; and ability to operate standard office equipment i.e., copy machines, adding machines, etc.;

4. Ability to work effectively on a team and enjoy people.

5. Gifted in multi-tasking and a good sense of initiating legal/insurance needs

6. A Risk Management mindset when it comes to legal and fiscal operating procedures yet flexible enough to accomplish the larger picture and broader goal to the specific situation at hand.

7.  Has a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ

8. A committed member of good standing in a local church.

9.  A working understanding and the ability to articulate the Mission and Vision of AACF.

Preferred Qualifications 1. Integrity and genuine concern for supporters and staff

2. Excellence in oral and written communication

Job Type Full Time