AACF seeks to branch out into new campuses. If you are an enterprising individual with a friendly face, please let us know!

Job Position Pioneers
Job Description Working with LT/Director to establish and maintain an understanding of the development of how to establish AACF groups on college and university campuses
Responsibilities 1. Grow AACF by starting new AACF’s on different campuses throughout the world

2. Must be competent in AACF legal and policy

3. Must be competent in connecting with campus to learn all necessary paperwork and requirements for starting an aacf chapter

4. Able to relate well with students

5. Coach student leaders on succession planning from the start

6. Must have a good understanding of what is student initiation and staff direction to empower students to live this out as a new AACF

Short-term objectives 1.  Begin proposal for future potential new campuses

2. Work with RDs to develop a strategy and practice in the start of new campuses

Qualifications 1. Passionate to grow AACF

2. Able to frequent travel

3. Own means of transportation

4. Flexible work schedule (if not full time)

5. Great time-management skills

Preferred Qualifications 1. Entrepreneurial spirit

2. Valuing team and a good understanding of how to build teams

Job Type Full Time, Part Time