Staff Development Coordinator

Not only does AACF encourage a healthy growing renewing of the mind for students, we also support our staff by working alongside them. We are currently looking to for someone to help feed into our staff and help us grow!

Job Position Staff Development Coordinator
Job Description Provides the oversight and intentional programming/goals for growth and development of our campus ministry staff.  Works with the existing Staff Development plan to better execute existing in conjunction with the Leadership Team and Regional Directors.
Responsibilities 1. Dialogue with current staff members to learn what material would be beneficial for the ministry of AACF2. Learn and integrate best practices of ministry within AACF3. Provide Education material to campus ministers
Short term objectives 1.  Create and develop goals and objectives for campus ministers2.  Revisit and implement evaluation process campus ministers3.  Create and plan for educational objectives

4.  Plan and direct training 1-2 training sessions for campus ministers in the 2015-16 year, and coordinate the Staff Retreats – July 2015 and January 2016

Qualifications 1. Possess knowledge of spiritual formation disciplines and personal development practices2. Possess and execute plans for training and education of paid and volunteer staff.3. Assist staff in finding appropriate venues for training and coursework that will further develop the knowledge and skills of the campus minister.  This should include helping the staffer with information related to costs / grants / scholarships needed for aforementioned training and education.
Preferred Qualifications 1.  Good supervisory skills.2.  Three to five year experience as a campus minister.
Job Type Full Time