Staff Recruitment Coordinator

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Job Position Staff Recruitment Coordinator
Job Description Works with AACF leadership to recruit and process new campus ministers from inquiry to hiring.
Short-term objectives Implement Process: The new process is primarily mirrored after secular versions of recruitment for its efficiency while incorporating Christian values to the process. The new process allows more flexibility by utilizing technology as staff is not all located near potential candidates.

1.       Email: Potential candidates are contacted via email to set up an initial phone/skype/Google Hangout conversation with a member of the recruitment team. (Approximate time to completion: 3 – 4 days)

2.       (Situational) Orientation: With a majority of candidates already familiar with the organization, an orientation for candidates to get familiar is not absolutely necessary. A number of organizational information will be covered in the next step of the recruitment process. If by chance, there is a candidate who is not familiar with the organization then we can spend extra time with said candidate in order familiarize him/her to the organization.

3.       Phone/Skype: Initial conversation with the potential candidate to go over the following: (Approximate time to completion: Maximum 1 week)

a.       Application process.

b.      Intended staff position (paid vs volunteer).

c.       Responsibilities.

d.      Encourage candidate to pray about the position.

e.      Advise candidate to send early notices to potential references.

f.        Answering any questions the candidate has.

4.       Application Process: Candidates fill out the application (Approximate time to completion: Maximum 30 days)

a.       The process for this has been shortened mainly to weed out serious candidates from others who may not be ready for staffing.

b.      Serious candidates are proactive about completing the application. Extra time is allowed for extenuating circumstances (sickness, life events, delay in references, etc.).

5.       Interview: In-person or via Skype/Google Hangout interview with one LT member, 1 board member and 1 staff. (Approximate time to completion: Maximum 2 weeks)

a.       With limited availability from staff, each interviewer can schedule a different time to speak with the candidate.

6.       Approval I: Staff to reconvene in a conference call for approval/disapproval of candidate. (Approximate time of completion: Maximum 1 week, preferably the same day or day after interview.)

7.       Approval II: AACF Board Approval (Maximum 1 week post staff approval)

The new process should take no longer than 10 weeks from beginning to end for new candidates. Extenuating circumstances for staff or candidates may extend the length of the process. Recruiting coordinators will follow up with candidates and staff team throughout the process to ensure efficiency.

Responsibilities 1. Promote staffing opportunities at AACF chapters and events

2. Assemble and lead interview team

3. Work closely with Media to communicate vision, values and ministry objectives / accomplishments (e.g. develop communication pieces for distribution, etc.)

Qualifications 1. Be proficient in word, video conferencing, email etc…any technology which enables the person to connect with potential future staff

2. Able and willing to travel to meet and greet potential new staff (or at least be able to lead an interviewee who can do this).

3. Friendly, outgoing, and approachable.

4. Ability to connect, reconnect, network, and follow up with “leads”

Preferred Qualifications Human Resource background
Job Type Full Time