Alumni Testimony: Kelly Lee

Kelly Lee, AACF UCSD class of 2006, responded to the question, “How has AACF impacted your life?

Kelly and Peter Lee
Kelly with her husband, Peter

I first started coming to AACF during my sophomore year in 2004. I remember hesitantly signing up for Winter Retreat and feeling nervous about going because I didn’t really know anyone. However, after a rough freshman year and really hitting rock bottom in my relationship with God, I had promised Him and myself that I was going to recommit my life to Christ and make my relationship with God my priority. Throughout the rest of my college years, AACF was an extremely vital part of my growth as a Christian. Even though I had grown up in a Christian home and went to church all my life, my time in college and at AACF is where my faith became genuine and my own. For the first time I actually longed to read the Bible and felt like God was giving me insight to understand His Word. I learned about how sinful I am and what an offense it is to a thrice Holy God, yet out of His mercy He still chose to save me and give me the free gift of salvation. I began to pray more and more and learned that not only does God delight in our prayers, but He is faithful to answer them in His own way and in His own time if we will trust in Him. Not only was I challenged and blessed by the teaching I received there, but I also met many other genuine believers who to this day are still dear friends of mine that encourage me in my walk with the Lord.

When I look back on my college years, my best memories are from AACF. I am so thankful that God led to me a fellowship that I could call home, and a place where I could truly grow and deepen my relationship with Him. My years at AACF were truly integral to the growth and development of my faith and I will always be forever grateful for this campus ministry. And for the icing on the cake, God also allowed me to meet my husband at AACF. It turned out that he was my driver for the Winter Retreat that I had been so reluctant to attend. He is a godly man who encourages me in my walk with the Lord and who daily shows Christ’s love to me. We’ve been married for almost seven years now and will be welcoming our third baby come October. God has truly been so good and gracious to a sinner like me.