Student Testimony: Christopher Takei

Christopher Takei, AACF UCI class of 2016, responded to the question, “How has God been working in you through AACF this year?”

10409739_10207886516388079_4940348957755415717_nAACF has definitely been challenging for me this year. I have felt a lot of pressure to try and keep up this image of a solid, trustworthy leader and Christian to guide AACF at UCI. This has led me to feel that I have to set the example. Whatever I call my leadership team or brothers and sisters in AACF to do, then, I also have to do it. I can’t just say these things and not include myself in the picture. But in doing so much, this has led me to become dependent on myself and burned out. I missed the truth that I can rest in God. I need to allow Him and His Spirit to lead AACF. He has been showing me that I cannot lead AACF on my own. I need to humble myself as a leader.

God is good and has been blessing AACF. God is bearing fruit here at UCI. I know our work is not based on numbers, but seeing how our prayer ministry and evangelism ministry are growing shows how we are seeing or at least trying to see the importance of these ministries to God. We also have had a campus wide interfellowship night where CRU, Intervarsity, Navigators, and Edge came together with AACF. We all had a big large group event that promoted community and coming together to worship God as one body. We were reminded that we are not separate. Ultimately God willing, we are hoping that everything we are doing is leading the people at AACF UCI under the head of Christ, and so far I think we have been taking steps in the right direction.