Alumni Testimony: Hector Tang

Hector Tang, AACF UCR class of 2010, responded to the question, “How has AACF impacted your life?

Hector TangYou know, I could spend countless hours telling you of all the escapades my buddies and I at AACF had.  The crazy pranks, the late night LAN parties, the girls we liked, the mindless fun and late night cycling. But we all know that you also share those same stories as you have your own unique and harrowing experiences.  So instead I want to share the impact AACF had on my life by introducing me to people I never would have met coupled with our (eventual) shared experiences and the forthcoming leadership challenges to come.

We were so young and yet we’re visionaries in our own right in AACF.  It goes to show that God sees no bounds in being able to use young people.  For example, if you’re familiar with the AACF Joint Nights where multiple campuses come together and worship – Brian Lee (college roommate) and myself came up with that idea during a dinner conversation in 2008. My point here is that AACF gave us the ability to be visionaries for the kingdom, to think big and to grow big in our faith.  Do not lose the opportunity you have to make a big impact on those around you, this only comes around once in a lifetime and you will likely never see it again.

One of the drawbacks of AACF is that it makes you miss your friends so much when you graduate – you enjoy these adventures together and now have to go back home?  REALLY?  MAN THAT SUCKS!  The experiences, the growth – it all played a part in helping me fight through the early pains of young adulthood.  Unemployment, minimum wage jobs, and no girlfriend…  Life was tough those first two years!  With lots of faith and patience (as God’s timing is perfect) I went from minimum wage work to financial analysis to software analytics and am now in Human Resources (IT) for Warner Bros. Entertainment. In between all that – I got married to a beautiful Taiwanese beauty queen!  For a Chinese kid who grew up on welfare in East LA to a single mother I want to say that I can’t be richer in life than I am now.

Ultimately, you will only get out of this fellowship based on what you put in.  God will work through you but you must allow him to.  Don’t be bashful, don’t be scared, do not be intimidated.  Take the challenge to make a difference, take it head on and you’ll be forever grateful of your AACF experience.  God has a funny way of using everyone we’ve ever met to impact our lives – so let that be the greatest investment you’ll ever make – The people of AACF and the church.  There is no greater discovery seeing God as the author of your destiny.