AACF Summer Project

Experience urban & small-town China
Share God’s love with Chinese University and High School students
3 weeks in China plus orientation & debriefing in the Bay Area
Apply by March 27,2017
Cost is $2500

Service is good discipleship. This is a true statement not just because participation in short term missions will take you to exotic and exciting places all over the world. It is valid because a thoughtful summer project will help you to gain insight into how you are gifted for ministry and how he will use your life to touch the relationships around you.

In this coming summer, AACF will partner with GoLiveServe (www.goliveserve.org) for a one-month trip to Mainland China. You will meet and work with Chinese university students in teaching an academic camp in a rural area. As you work together, you will have opportunities to deepen relationships with your Chinese co-workers. Before your mission ends, you will have moments to share about your life and faith.

One of the most attractive features of this trip is the cost. GoLiveServe is an organization that has extensive experience in taking people to China. They help students to become socially aware global citizens with a heart for God’s kingdom. GoLiveServe has donors who are willing to cover all of the on-ground expenses for the trip. All participants will be asked to raise funds for the costs of getting to China.  If you do not reside in the Bay Area, you will also need to raise the funds to cover airfare to participate in the program orientation/debriefing.  The estimated amount is $2,500-$2900. This can be paid for directly or raised by each student. Other trips of similar length will cost twice this amount.

The deadline for registration for this project is Monday, March 27, 2017. When an application is approved, a $700 deposit must be submitted. If a student raises full support, the deposit may be reimbursed at a later date. AACF staff, students & alumni are invited to participate. The team will consist of no more than 15 individuals.
For further details, you may contact Victor Quon at v.quon@aacf.org or 408-887-1654.

Download the 2017 AACF EASP Application (Word Doc fillable).

Download the 2017 AACF EASP Reference Form (Word Doc fillable).