Current Staff

Victor Quon has been involved with AACF since 1983. He first served as a volunteer staff at UC San Diego, San Diego State & San Jose State. Then after completing his time as a youth pastor, Victor returned to AACF as a paid campus minister in 2008. Along with being on the Leadership Team, he also staffs San Jose State AACF. Victor and his wife, Jennie, live in San Jose with their three kids, Enoch, Naomi & Austin. He is a loyal fan of the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres. In his spare time, Victor likes to solve Sudoku puzzles and study Mountain Dew and chocolate donuts. / Director of Strategic Relations

A former AACF UW student leader, Melanie Mar Chow called in 1987 to volunteer for Director Rich Hong.  In 1989 she began serving as a paid campus minister at UCLA. She has served as Co-Director with Tommy Dyo, then the Leadership Team since 1994. Married to Bruce, and co-parent of Chloe, she has taught them to love all things Disney, especially animated movies, watching basketball, and taste testing what she cooks for large groups. / Operations Director

Carolyn Shimabukuro considers it a privilege to walk on campus and come along side students as they emerge as young adults. She notes “it is my prayer that I might help students experience the love and grace of God and to become life long passionate followers of Jesus Christ. While studying at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, I began serving AACF as an intern for JEMS. I staffed at UCLA, UC Irvine, CalState Northridge and on my return to the PNW, I serve as a campus minister at UW, JEMS PNW Director and a spiritual director for All Seasons Counseling.  Kristen and John are my two young adult children. In my leisure you can find me reading, mushroom hunting, downhill skiing and enjoying friends and sushi!” / PNW Regional Director

Cathy Wu graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 where she served in AACF as a student leader. She studied Visual Communication Design and is currently working as a designer for Urbanspoon. Since graduation, God has slowly drawn her back to serving with AACF, first as a resource two years ago and now as a volunteer campus minister as of May 2013. She enjoys documenting things andoverly fascinated by the Myers Briggs personality test. / Seattle University

Nathan Fong graduated from the University of Washington in 2007, where he served as a student in AACF. After graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, he now works for Walt Disney in Seattle as a Software Engineer. After taking two years to adjust to the real world, he was called back to college ministry and joined AACF staff as a volunteer campus minister. Along with carrying a full time job and ministering to college students, Nathan has started seminary part-time at Fuller Northwest with the hopes of getting a Master of Arts in Theology with an emphasis on biblical studies. With his copious amounts of spare time, Nathan’s other interests include baking, photography, reading anything related to biblical studies, theology and Christian culture. / University of Washington

Chong Ahn graduated from University of Washington in 2003 where he first became involved with AACF as a student leader. In 2006 he became a volunteer campus minister at AACF and he discovered his love for working with college students. To further his ministry skills he studied in Australia at Hillsong International Leadership College from 2009-2011 and came back to AACF in 2012 as a paid staff member. Chong’s other passions includes filmmaking, sports, and being a geek. Yep all those things go smoothly together. / University of Washington & Seattle Pacific University

Edward (or Ed) Kwong graduated from UC Riverside in 2008, where he served in AACF as a student. After graduating, it wasn’t long until God started to sprout the seed of campus ministry in his heart (originally planted by Warren Hino). Edward currently serves as a volunteer campus minister at UC Davis since 2010. He resides in San Francisco, home of the 5-time Superbowl Champions,49ers and 7-time World Series Champions, Giants. In order to pay the bills, Edward currently works in the digital advertising and marketing industry. On his spare time, he likes to travel, play video games, cook and keep up his foodie habits all over the SF bay area and beyond. / UC Davis

Dave Fong has been involved with AACF since 1986 while an undergrad at UC Berkeley. He first got involved as a student, eventually serving as a student leader. After graduating from Cal, Dave went on join staff as a volunteer while working briefly as an engineer in 1991. While serving as volunteer, God affirmed Dave’s calling to full-time ministry, specifically to the campus, which is where he’s been happily serving ever since. Dave is married to his one true love, Susana, and they have 2 children, Caris and Dylan. Cycling back and forth to campus and perfecting his home barista technique helps keep Dave sane, relatively speaking. / UC Berkeley

Adrian Li graduated from San Francisco State University where he served in AACF during his years at college. He loves to work with college students, especially when they break down and cry during leadership team building exercises. /

Arnie Ong graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where he served as a student leader. Joined AACF Staff in 1998 and has served on the campuses of San Francisco State University and UC Santa Cruz. Arnie is currently serving on the campus of SF State (again). order to pay the bills, Arnie works in the high-tech industry as an Engineering Technician but his real job is to play with and do life with college students. He literally loves his work! In his spare time he loves to kill fish, cook, cook fish sometimes in that order… / San Francisco State University

Bruce Chow graduated from UCLA with a BS in Engineering in 1977 with a yearning to do something to save the environment. the process he helped start the UCLA AACF group. He went on to Stanford to get his MS in Environmental Engineering after working with another group to start an AACF there. never could stay away from AACF, serving on the JEMS Board (AACF parent organization) as AACF’s representative and then coming on as volunteer staff in 1992. loves nature photography, but also likes to tell stories with candid and sports photography (i.e., as his daughter’s high school basketball team’s photographer). likes to engage in small group discussions on issues of faith and is the official discussion questions writer for his home church. / UC Los Angeles

Ashley Donald graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 with her B.A. in English Education and received her Single Subject Credential in 2011. She was active in AACF throughout college and has served in multiple leadership roles. A seed was planted in her early on in her college career. After graduating, through her love for the ministry, Ashley became a volunteer campus minister at CSULB where she has served since 2010. She currently works as a substitute teacher while hopefully landing a full-time teaching career in the near future. Ashley is active at her home church working with the Middle School Ministry and Young Adult Ministry. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, scrapbooking, drinking tea, and watching hockey. / CSU Long Beach

Betty Chen graduated from UC Irvine in 2005 w/ her B.S in Applied Ecology and a minor in Epidemiology and Public Health. was active all 5 years in AACF at UCI in which she served in multiple roles as a student leader. eventually pursued graduate school in which she has earned her Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and has been in practice since Jan. 2011 where she thoroughly enjoys being a physical terrorist…I mean Physical Therapist to all the little grandma/grandpas and people of all ages in the greater south Orange County region. , the Lord opened up the door and called Betty back into ministry to serve on staff as a volunteer campus minister for AACF UC Irvine and from there she enjoys being able to minister, hang out, encourage/pray with and just plain share life-on-life w/ the college students at UCI. Betty’s free time while hanging out w/ her fellow AACF kiddoes, Betty enjoys and takes advantage of her youthful looks by sometimes playing it off like she’s a 3rd year transfer student and messin’ with her college kids. but for reals though during her spare time Betty enjoys playing soccer, going snowboarding, running, drinking coffee, playing mindless games like Minion Rush, and wasting time and veggin’ out in front of the TV. / UC Irvine

Evelyn (Fan) Encarnacion has been with AACF as a volunteer staff at UC San Diego since 1999.UCSD was her alma mater and she felt called to give back to the ministry that allowed her to grow in her walk.When not discipling girls,large group meetings, or working with the core group – Evelyn works full time as a Systems Test Engineer.Evelyn lives in San Diego with her husband Noel, and dog Romeo. In her free time she enjoys traveling, eating, cooking, and crafts. / UC San Diego

Mark Quan’s involvement with AACF began as an undergraduate student at UCLA and then a graduate student at Stanford. 1998, Mark became a volunteer campus minister at UCSD while maintaining a career in the electric industry providing consulting services to utilities throughout North America.Mark lives a busy life with his wife, Anna and two sons, Alex and Joshua.When time allows, you’ll find Mark cycling, running, swimming, travelling, golfing, parenting, and recovering. / UC San Diego