AACF 2018 Summer Project: JAPAN

An unreached people: less than 1% of the Japanese population is Christian. In this highly-developed nation, there are people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. People who never had the peace and hope of the gospel. People who never experienced God’s grace.

We’re hoping to send two teams of four – five students. One team will be focusing on VBS types of ministries in the Tokyo area. The other team will be focusing on performing concerts and youth ministry in Nagoya. We will be partnering with local churches and local ministries to proclaim the gospel to these communities

Team One: July 14 – 29, 2018
Team Two: July 21 – Aug 3, 2018

Estimated Cost: $3,500

Application Form: Click here to download the application. Return completed application to info@aacf.org by March 31, 2018.

Reference Form: Click here to download the reference form. Read the instructions and send it to your required references.

For questions email info@aacf.org.