Celebration in a Box

Hello AACF alumni, family, and friends!

What a wonderful reason to gather again – AACF is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Praise God for His faithfulness to the ministry and your participation in it. This box contains gifts for each of you, updates from AACF, and information about ways to support us.  A user guide is provided if you would like to walk through a sequenced experience. If you are viewing this through our website, you will be able to navigate through our celebration materials wilth the buttons at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, feel free to select items that interest you from the menu of materials included.

Thank you for investing your time in AACF, during college and again right now. Enjoy your Celebration in a Box! May God be glorified.

Menu of Materials

  1. State of AACF
  2. Timeline of AACF’s 50 years
  3. LTC Updates
  4. Fundraising Campaign
  5. Alumni Network
  6. Tell Your Story
  7. Spread the Word

*bold items are highly recommended