About Our Chapter

San Jose State AACF has a long history of producing young men and women who develop special skills for serving God throughout their lifetimes. Some have gone into careers in full-time Christian ministry. Others have become campus ministers, youth ministry volunteers and deacons and elders in their churches. A primary reason for how these gifts are developed at SJSU is the strong sense of community that is built in AACF. Students learn how to minister to each other. While we will invite speakers to come to our weekly large group meetings, a majority of the teaching is done through small group discussions, student-led Bible studies or one-on-one encounters. This has helped us to build a friendly, intimate and supportive fellowship that is often referred to by our students as a second home and family.

AACF was first established at SJSU in 1977, and except for a 3 year hiatus from 1980-83, has been a constant presence on the campus for more than 20 years. Since its birth, AACF SJSU has invested in the lives of over hundreds of students, growing Christ followers and developing more than 100 student leaders passionate about loving God and loving others. Our alumni continue to be leaders making an impact for God on the campus as volunteer or paid campus ministers, in the local church as pastors or ministry leaders, in the work place bringing the presence of God as managers, hi tech specialists, artists, teachers and health care professionals, etc., and in the world serving in various missionary projects.

To find out more information about our chapter, its specific ministries and what’s going on, email us at info@aacf.org or visit our Facebook page/web site at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/26591366228/.

Supporting Ministry at SJSU

We appreciate any type of support that is offered to SJSU AACF. Most of all, it is a great encouragement to us when we know that parents, friends and alumni are praying for us. We know that much is accomplished when there is a strong prayer network in place for us. Our students are also grateful for any financial support that is offered. When we have the necessary resources, we are better equipped to do evangelistic outreach to non-Christian friends, welcoming activities for new students, networking with alumni and provide scholarships for retreats and the AACF Leadership Training Conference (LTC).

Give to our general fund online here. If you prefer, you may also give by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Download and print an EFT authorization form (click here to download form). Complete it. Mail it back to: JEMS/AACF 948 East Second Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Please include a voided check with your completed authorization form. If you have any questions please call the office at 213-613-0022 or email info@aacf.org.