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AACF Summer Missions
Kristin Sung
Kristin Sung

Hello! I’m Kristin, and I recently finished up my last quarter at UCLA with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in accounting and will be working in consulting full-time this upcoming fall. During my last years of college, the Lord has placed it on my heart to consider the importance of missions and fulfilling the Great Commission. It is a blessing to be able to witness even just a glimpse of God’s work in other nations and to experience the joy of being united in Christ. Japan specifically has always had a very special place in my heart, especially after knowing how large of an unreached country Japan is. Being surrounded by so much Japanese culture and hearing about people from my local church who are moving there to pursue missions has encouraged me to use this time that God has given me, to serve and build up His kingdom. AACF has provided me with such a loving and encouraging community during my time in college, and I am grateful for this opportunity to share my faith with those in a different country, by continually depending on His sovereignty as I boldly proclaim my hope in Christ!

Give online here or if you prefer to give by check, make the check out to “JEMS” and write my name on the memo line. Mail the check to P.O. Box 86047, Los Angeles, CA 90086-0047.

If you have any questions please call the JEMS office at 213-613-0022 or email

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