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AACF UC San Diego

About Us

🕘  Mondays at 8PM

9500 Gilman Dr

La Jolla, CA 92093

Alone. That is what an incoming freshman feels walking onto a campus of 26,000 undergraduate students.

Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) is the Campus Ministry of the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS) that reaches onto college campuses with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to make disciples by educating and equipping students in Biblical foundations, Christian disciplines, and the development of spiritual gifts preparing them for witness and service on the campus, in the local church, in the marketplace, and in world missions.

Starting with 8 people at its very first meeting in 1982, AACF UCSD has served the UC San Diego campus for more than 30 years by inviting students into a Christ-centered community. Our community provides students with a collegiate family where they can explore their faith, develop their gifts, and find life-long friendships. More importantly, this community serves as a path to Jesus for those searching for the answer to their loneliness. Our hope is that each student addresses his/her loneliness by joining the everlasting family of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our group meets on Monday evenings for worship, Bible study, and mutual encouragement. Throughout the week, we have small groups and prayer meetings that meet the personal needs of individuals. And throughout the year, we hold larger events and retreats that encourage the development of our community. But all of our activity is designed to develop students who can bring the message of Jesus Christ to their peers on campus.

Since its birth, AACF UCSD has invested in the lives of over 1000 students, growing Christ followers and developing more than 250 student leaders passionate about loving God and loving others. Our alumni continue to be leaders making an impact for God on the campus as volunteer or paid campus ministers, in the local church as pastors or ministry leaders, in the work place as managers, teachers, health care professionals, etc., and in the world as career missionaries.

To find out more information about our chapter, its specific ministries and what’s going on, email us at or visit our Facebook page at: You can also visit for more information.

Supporting Ministry

University students have endless amounts of time and energy, but limited budgets. With current UC cost estimates close to $32,000 each year for tuition, housing, meals, transportation, and other expenses, students are forced to make difficult decisions on how manage their finances. Because AACF is student-supported ministry, costs for participation are borne by current students.

While we covet your prayers, we ask for your financial participation as well. Your donation will help offset the cost of retreats, speaker fees, facility reservations, and event materials. We never want a student to avoid participation because he/she cannot pay the cost.

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