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Cal Poly SLO

Cal Poly SLO

About Our Chapter

Hello! We are AACF SLO. We are a student run fellowship in San Luis Obispo supported by local churches and JEMS/AACF. There is a small, but growing Asian student population in San Luis Obispo. We are excited to continue growing our fellowship community and encouraging students to start or to continue their walk with God. If it wasn't for the support of churches around us and the donations made to JEMS/AACF, our fellowship may not be what it is now.

AACF unofficially began at CPSLO when students began first meeting together in 1989 and quickly became officially recognized the following year. Since 1990, AACF SLO has been reaching out to students with the gospel for more than 25 years. AACF SLO has invested in the lives of over 900 students, growing Christ followers and developing more than 200 student leaders passionate about loving God and loving others. Our alumni continue to be leaders making an impact for God on the campus as volunteer or paid campus ministers, in the local church as pastors or ministry leaders, in the work place as managers, teachers, health care professionals, etc., and in the world as career missionaries.

To find out more information about our chapter, its specific ministries and what's going on, email us at or visit our website:

Supporting Ministry at CPSLO

Donations are always welcomed by our fellowship as they will be used to further God's kingdom in San Luis Obispo. Because the size of the fellowship is constantly increasing, more funds are required for each event that we have. Any sort of funding that we receive would help relieve stress on us as college students and allow anyone to participate.

Donations are needed for:

  • Freshmen welcome events

  • Large group speakers

  • Quarterly retreats

  • Sister's appreciation day

  • Brother's appreciation day

  • Senior Night

  • Worship equipment

  • Transportation costs for conferences, AACF events, etc.

  • LTC

Thank you for thinking about and supporting our fellowship. Even if you cannot make a money donation, you can always support us through prayer.

Give online here or if you prefer to give by check, make the check out to “JEMS” and write "AACF SLO" on the memo line. Mail the check to P.O. Box 86047, Los Angeles, CA 90086-0047.

If you have any questions please call the JEMS office at 213-613-0022 or email us (

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